Security Systems For Home Invasion

How Security Systems Can Prevent Home Invasions

Home sweet home, well we all love our home, a place where we can relax, spend time with the family and catch up on all the hip and happening stuff while we were away at work. Now if your home is so important to you, do you protect it feverishly enough? Remember, burglary, home invasion are crimes that can happen to anyone and having a home security system is one of the most effective methods of safeguarding your loved ones and your property. Here is how a home security system helps.

Prevents Break-ins And Keeps Your Family Secure

It does not matter why someone wishes to gain unauthorized entry into your home, what matters is that they never get the chance to come inside. An alarm system rigged to motion sensors, doors, windows can not only keep uninvited guests out but also deter potential burglars from surveying your house. Home security makes a huge psychological impact on unscrupulous minds.

Logs Every Time Someone Arms and Disarms The Alarms

A security system is great at tracking when, how many times and who deactivated the alarm. This is especially helpful in cases when a known member from the community or your so-called friend, neighbour becomes a home invader. Such cases otherwise would never be solved. Remember that at least 25 percent of all home invasion crimes are committed by perpetrators who were known to the victims.

Reduces Property Loss And Burglary Chances

Remember that a potent burglary alarm can keep thieves at bay. It takes a lot of time trying to figure out a way around the home security system and most burglars would rather spend their time surveying easier targets. However for home invaders, a home security system doesn’t always deter them. Nevertheless, it lets you quickly sound a silent alarm with your security company or the police without ever alerting the invader. You not only end up saving your property and jewellery but also prevent any violent crime from happening.

Keep A Remote Watch Over Your House

Today’s home security systems incorporate NVR and DVR systems that can record and stream video feeds live anywhere in the world. Even if your are vacationing in Ibiza, you can check up on the house and ensure that everything is in order.

Helps Pick Up More Than Just Home Invasions

Not only can you track unauthorized entry into your house, alert authorities about it but also detect smoke, prevent fires and track CO2 and CO levels. Modern home security systems integrate other household alarms and detectors into one simple package.

Protects Life

While a gun can take lives, a home security system can help protect them. Your perpetrator may have a gun but when he hears sirens closing in on the house because the home security system was tripped, the last thing on his mind will be threatening your life or that of your loved ones.

Save Money In The Form Of Insurance

Insurance against theft, burglary and home invasion costs a lot but companies are willing to drop the interest rate on houses that have home security systems installed. This in itself is a testament to the fact that home security systems make a house much safer. Besides, with an insurance policy against home invasion and a home security system you are making a double investment into your property. Home security will deter most criminals and those who do get past won’t cause too much property damage to you as your insurance will cover the loss.

Helps In Neighbourhood Watch

Remember that home invaders don’t look at a single house. They often survey an entire block at a time. If all homes in a neighbourhood are protected with home security systems then the crook will think twice before even venturing into the neighbourhood. Besides, the chances of catching such criminals increases as some camera on some property around the victimized house will catch his face or give vital clues to authorities.

At The End Of The Day, It Is Worth The Investment

If you factor in the cost of maintenance, monitoring and installation, a home security system is much cheaper than the emotional, physical and monetary damage you may suffer from a case of home invasion. Thankfully, today, it is a simple matter of calling in experts to install these systems in your house. So, you never again have to worry about your loved ones again.

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