Home Invasion Statistics

Home Invasion Statistics

1994 to 2000
Statistics showed a 1 in 5 chance of a break-in. Approximately, it translates to 2,000,000 homes annually. In a Canadian statistics sheet, roughly 289,200 homes were annually invaded between 1994 and 2000 whereas for the US, it was around 3,600,000 annually.

2003 to 2007
• Total of 3.7 million burglaries happened yearly.
• In 1 million burglaries a member of the house was present and became a victim to violent crimes in about 266,560 cases.
• The most common violence observed along with home invasion, when a member was present was simple assault at 15 percent, followed by robbery and rape at 7 percent and 3 percent respectively.
• Strangers constituted 28 percent of all home invasion cases while the victims knew the offenders in 65 percent of violent burglary cases.
• Incidence of unarmed violence during home invasion was around 61 percent while 12 percent violent burglaries happened with the presence of a firearm.
• Those homes with single family structure or 10 and more units together had a lower incidence of burglary at 8 for every 1000 households.
• Minor injuries at 36 percent and serious injuries at 9 percent for household members who experienced violence due to home invasion.

2008 to Present
• Significant decrease in robbery, property crime and burglary at an average of 4 percent, 2.2 percent and 1.8 percent annually.
• Violent crime incidents related with home invasion increased by 0.7 percent on an average annually and murder grew by 0.3 percent annually.
• North, South and East United States reports a gradual decrease in crimes for 2012 whereas the West United States shows an astonishing rise in crimes of all kinds, including home invasion and related offences of about 2 percent.
Highlights Of The Report
According to the FBI, 1 in every 5 homes faces a chance of a break-in today. It is further aggrevated by the non-presence of adequate security measures in many homes. The FBI concluded the following in a report that was published late 2011.

• 1 property crime every 3 seconds is the average for the country.
• 1 burglary every 10 seconds
• 1 violent crime every 20 seconds
• 1 aggravated assault every 35 seconds.
• 1 robbery every 60 seconds.
• 1 forcible rape every 2 minutes.
• 38 percent assault cases and 60 percent rape cases reported alongside home invasion incidents.

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